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April 6, 2010
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     The young pikachu woke up with a start.  It took his eyes a minute to get used to the dim light of the room.  He could see he was in a dark stone room,  with only a few torches to keep the place lit.  Taking a look at his own position, he saw he was layed out on his back on a wodden table, his wrists and ankles held down by cold metal cuffs.  He also noticed the table was only about a foot high, though suprinsingly strong.  "W-what's going on here?" he asked as he pulled on his restraints.
      As if on cue, a wodden door to his left opened up and in walked a Mime Jr.  "I can explain that my boy," it said to him.  It was a female by the sound of the voice.  "I found you napping in a nearby field, and decided to bring you here for some 'fun', since i've never seen a Pikachu with Red fur before," she explained.
      "But, w-why am on this table?" the Pikachu asked, pulling at the cuffs again, but only in vain.
      "Because you need to be held still for what i'm about to do," she said walking over to his side.
      "Which would be?" he asked now even more nervous.
      "Why, my favorite activity of course..." she said giving him a poke to his side with the pointed end of her hand, making him giggle, "Tickling."
      "Reheheheheally?" he asked through his giggles, "That's not to bad at all, at least for me.  I love being tickled!"
      "And don't think i'm gonna-," she started, before looking at him shocked, "Did you just say you liked being tickled?"  The Pikachu smiled and nodded.  This was a first for her.  No one else she'd brought to her house liked being tickled.  They would only beg to be let go through her whole torture session.
      "Well then I guess were both lucky," the Mime Jr. said happily, "We're both gonna have fun i'm sure."
      "I hope so," the Pikachu said, "Oh, and for future refrance, my name's Jet."
      "Thanks for giving me your name.  I'm Kayla," the girl said, "But enough talk, let's get started."
      "Ready when you are then," Jet said.
      Kayla only smirked and started tickling his sides, producing a lot of loud giggles from Jet along with a bit of squirming out of reflex.  After a minute there, she went for his armpits, which made him laugh, though only a bit at a first untill she sped up.  "Enjoying this Jet?" Kayla asked after a few minutes.
       "YEHEHEHEHES!" jet answered through his laughter with a nod.
       "Good, because i'm just getting started," Kayla said, moving her wiggling hands to his belly.  To her suprise, his lughter took a huge spike upward.  'Woah, his belly must be his most ticklish spot' she thought ot herself as she sped up, producing huge amoutns of laughter from the small Pikachu.
       "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!" Jet laughed like crazy, enjoy wave after wave of the ticklish sensations going through his body.  
        After about five minutes, Kayla stopped as to let him breath for a minute.  "So Jet, are you enjoying yourself?" she asked.
        "You bet I am.  I haven't had this much fun for a while now," he said with a smile at Kayla, catching her a bit off guard.  She was sure Jet was lieing before about liking tickling, trying to use reverse psychology to let him go.  But now she was really starting to think he did enjoy being tickled.  And if that was really the case...
       "Jet, I have a proposition for you," Kayla said after a minute.
       "Ok, let me hear it," jet said.
       "Well, I was wondering, since I like ticklig others and you like being tickled... would you like to stay with me, as, shall we say, a tickle slave?"  She felt her face grow warm at the question.
        After a minute of thought, Jet replied, "Sure, as long as i'm treated with normal comforts.  I don't think I could sleep on something like this," he snickered.
        "Consider it done," she replied back with a smile, "I think you and me are gonna be god friends Jet."
        "I think so tohohohohohoho!," Jet had started, but found himself giggling when she poked his left sole.
        "all I have left is the feet and i'm finished," she said with a smirk.  
        "Well ok.  But there not the most ticklish spot on my body," Jet said.
        "No problem.  I can still make you laugh plenty," Kayla said.  A minute later, Jet saw his whole body surrounded by different colored feathers, and a second later was laughing madly as they attacked.  Two at his armpits, two at his sides, two stroking his ribs, and five getting all over his belly.
      "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" Jet roared with laughter, squirming like crazy as the feathers stroked all over his sensitive upper body.  He was having the time of his life, though, and if got better when Kayla started tickling his soles.  
      It was amazing how hard he could laugh, and not once did he ask for her to stop.  He must really enjopy being tickled Kayla thought to herself and she worked all over his feet and toes, making his laugh even harder.
      After nearly ten minutes of the intense tickling, the feathers dissapeared and Kayla stopped tickling Jet, who's laughter was now replaced heavy phanting as he was trying to get his breath back.  His face had tears on it and his fur was soaked with sweat, but he was still smiling.
      "What, over already?" he asked when he got his breath back.
      Kayla giggled at the question and replied, "For now, yes.  I don't need you passing out." After that was said, she unlocked the cuffs keeping Jet down and took him out of the dungeon and into a long stairway the went up.
      At the top of the stairs was a door, which Kayla opened to reveal a living room.  
      "Wait, that dungeon was your basement?" Jet asked, getting a nod from the Mime Jr.
      "It took a while to set up, but it was worth it.  Now if your staying here, let me show you the guest room..."

* * * * * * * *

       Jet layed on the bed of his new room.  The guest room looked like a normal one:It had a bed, a closet, a few bookshelfs with some books on them, a TV, and a desk and chair.  He was particuraly happy about today.  Not only had he made a new friend, but she loved tickling as much as he loved being tickled.  And on top of that, she had a dungeon for a basement!
       "Something tells me i'm gonna have a lot of fun here," Jet said before falling asleep after such a long, fun day.

The End.
A long-awaited request for my friend :iconcloud5001:. He wanted his character Jet turned into a tickle salve, so here it is buddy.

Jet belongs to :iconcloud5001:

Kayla belongs to me

Pokemon belongs to it rightful creators
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i frikin love this couple!
kinda hard to read it cause alot of it goes off screen
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on a website called xat I do
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